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American Dental Services have landed in Chongqing, China from Silicon Valley, California.
Chongqing Meilian Dental Clinic-The first (or only) Sino-American joint venture dental treatment clinic

MeiLian Dental' state-Of-The -Art facilities is designed to meet the highest standard in dental industry. We are proud to present world -class medical equipments, the latest technology and modern dental serives to people in Chongqing region.
We provide gentle restorative and aesthetic dentistry in a contemporary, soothing, elegant environment. With over 1300 square meter including VIP suites, kids play room, free on-line and watch TV on flatscreens during treatment. We commit to make your every dental visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

A top quality dental hospital chartered by Jiangbei District Government in the attempt to introduce the world’s most advanced dental technology and as one of the core projects to improve the wellbeing of residents in the district.

One of the designated dental facilities in government subsidized Children’s Oral Health Intervention Program in Jiangbei District.
We have an environment under strict aseptic management, allowing an enjoyable dental care experience.
Equipped with superior sewage treatment system, dental waste water runs through two levels of filtration before discharge.

Face-to-face, experiencing the dental service offered only in the most developed countries.

A window for the world in Chongqing

•国际口腔高端连锁品牌 International chain•Sino-American joint venture
The first and only Sino-American joint venture dental treatment clinic
•美式标准服务高端牙科诊所 American standard service
•您身边的口腔专家 your private dentist

We endeavor to become the best dental hospital in the City of Chongqing.

Contact us:023-67116969 or 15086890001(Dr.Liu)
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Address: NO.36.E,JianXin,RD,GuanYinQiao,JiangBei DIS,ChongQing,China, 400000

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Address: 2F PinAn Building,NO 36 E,Jianxin,Rd,Guanyinqiao,Jiangbei District,Chongqing. (Ž¶·36šƽʴ2¥)
Tel: 023-67116969(24Hours)   Mobile:15086890001 E-mail: meilianusa@163.com
Working time: 9:00-18:00, Monday to Sunday.
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